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10/21/15 11:46 AM #14    


Helen Rae Anderson (Hendrickson)

Patti,  I would be happy to help with the 75th birthday party.  Thanks for all your hard work!  

Helen Anderson Hendrickson

10/21/15 11:49 AM #15    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Thanks, LuAnn and Helen!

We are looking at the Lost Spur as a possible venue--maybe mid-September.  It would be awesome to have both of you on board!  Will definitely keep you posted when the planning begins!!




10/22/15 12:12 PM #16    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Hope I can be back for this.  My husband and I just bought a summer house in Iowa Falls, Iowa where he's from so I may be close by.  It would be great to see everyone.


10/23/15 11:43 AM #17    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Good News, Laura!  Sure hope you will be able to make it this time!  We must get together more frequently, that's for sure!

10/31/15 03:15 PM #18    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

I was just scrowling through the RHS website and came across the Hall of Fame.  There I noticed fellow classmate Stan Paulson. Unfortunately I was unable to read the info on his award.  How can I get this?

Am not surpised that Stan was selected.  He was always smart, but the thing I remember most about him is his sense of humor. 

Thanks, Patti,

Laura (McClain) Kennedy-Bell


10/31/15 04:19 PM #19    

Diane Wagnild (Wenschlag)

Laura and Others -- Here is the link to Stanley Paulson's award citation.  A plaque of this citation is displayed in the hallway, at the front entrance of RHS.  Roger.

11/01/15 11:45 AM #20    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Thanks, Roger, for sending Laura the link.  You can also see the photos displayed at RHS on the left-hand page of our Home Page under "RHS - June 2015 - Lunch & School Tour".  Stan's photograph is blurry, but you can see how they're displayed at the school.

11/01/15 01:06 PM #21    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Thanks, Diane. What an impressive resume Stan has.  Am not surprised about the notation metioning his original thought.

We certainly have  a lot of impressive classmates from the class of 1959.  I know when I moved to California and applied for jobs, employment recruiters and HR people looked favorably at the fact I'd been educated in Minnesota.  Apparently we are fortunate in the Midwest to have had (and most likely still have) a superior  educational system.   


03/02/16 02:36 PM #22    


Thomas Frank Hall

I've really enjoyed our Web site. Thanks Pat for all you've done to keep

this going. I appreciate my roots and education at RHS.

I wanted you all to know that I just completed writing another book. It's about my family growing up and our adult life. I love reality rather than fiction. The plot is better and there are lots of twists. The hero doesn't always win. Our family has struggled, but somehow managed to stay together. The book is called, The Road to our Cabin. It can be purchase on Amazdon, under Thomas F. Hall or the title of the book. I just wanted to let you know it's available in case you are interested.

Your Classmate,



03/03/16 11:18 AM #23    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)


I'm buying it right now. Congratulations!

Fellow writer and classmate,

Laura (McClain) Kennedy


03/03/16 12:46 PM #24    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)


So glad that you have completed your family book!  Will most certainly be ordering it!
What's the title of your latest book?  I will order both at the same time!
Which of you taught junior high/middle school in Bloomington, then was principal of Jefferson Junior High/Middle School in Bloomington??
Thanks to all for your help!



03/04/16 12:01 PM #25    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)


Sweet of you to ask.  It's called Surf Shop Sisters, a prequel to my YA Double Take released in 2014.

My women's contemporary novel The Breeding of Lilacs is scheduled for release in May.  It's about Barbie Bentley, the mother of Brooke Bentley the protagonist in Surf Shop Sisters. 





03/20/16 10:39 AM #26    


Diane Lindberg (Lee)

Looking forward to the September "75th yesr" celebration.

 Anyone want to meet for lunch before that let me know by the private message on this web site.  I can fly to Minnesota.  (I work for an airline.  Will finally retire soon.) or I can fly to whatever state you are in.   :)




03/27/16 12:18 PM #27    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

​Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  Wishing all of our amazing classmates an awesome day of celebration!  May you enjoy the beauty of the season!  Color is in abundance here in the Northwest--tuliips, daffodils, rhododendrons, camelias and more.  The forsythia have lost their blossoms already and green leaves are bursting forth eveywhere!  'Tis a gorgeous season, for sure!

04/05/17 06:22 PM #28    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

I never realized that famous pop artist James Rosenquist was a student at Roosevelt H.S.,  graduating only seven years before we did. Amazing!  I always loved his art.  I'm a real pop art fan.  Do we have any of his art work in The Roosevelt Standard? Laura (McClain) Kennedy-Bell

04/06/17 11:38 AM #29    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Laura--It's possible that when James Rosenquist was a student at RHS, some of his artwork might have appeared in The Standard.  But since he graduated well before us, none of our issues had his art in it.  I had read in great detail his obituary and did not realize that he was one of our Hall of Fame Inductees until I did a bit of research!  He was pretty amazing.  Patti

04/07/17 12:33 PM #30    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Is there an archive of Roosevelt Standards from the period when James Renquist attended our school?  If there is, such an appearance of his early art would be invaluable.  Maybe some of our classmates with older siblings may have a few issues of the Standard stashed away.

04/08/17 01:54 PM #31    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Hi, Laura!

You could contact RHS about that!  I do not have the answer.  I scanned all of ours, so that is why we have them on the website.  Thankfully, we had classmates who have save their original copies.

It does not appear that the Class of 1952 has an active website, or we could check with them.


08/15/17 01:50 PM #32    

Helen M. Olson (D'Andrea)



Hi Patty,    Just wanted to tell you that my birthday is August 21 and it never is published in the e-mails. 

Hope all is well.  

Helen D'Andrea (Olson)

08/19/20 12:27 PM #33    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Am such a Luddite don't know which screen to use to wish Fran Herman a Happy Birthday.  Looking forward to seeing her and the 1959 class sometime in the relatively Covid 19 free future, hopefully by 2021.  

Have been thinking about Minneapolis alot recently in that I just finished a novel set in our city during the 1950s. Had a lot of fun writing it. 

Have two new YA novels coming out next year.  Entitled Suddenly Singapore and Singapore Unveiled, they will be released by Melange, a small, independent publisher.   They were inspired by a trip to Singapore with my husband in 2012. 

03/21/21 01:30 PM #34    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)


Long time no e-mail.  Just want to let you know I've just released my third YA novel, Suddenly Singapore, acquired by Melange, a Minnesota publisher.  Inspired by a trip to Singapore with my husband a few years ago, you may find it intriguing.  Funny thing, the model used on the cover resembles the way I looked in high school.  Am I right?   Laura (McClain) Kennedy







03/22/21 11:08 AM #35    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Hi, Laura!

You are right!  I have not done a group e-mail in awhile!  So glad to see that you are still writing!  I looked up your new book, and that girl on the cover looks like a girl I have seen in a yearbook photo!  So clever of you!

I still want to do an "80th" Birthday Luncheon in September, so stay tuned!  Good to hear from you!

Patti Bluml Timmons 


04/04/21 01:37 PM #36    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Love the new photo of Northrop Grade School 6th graders.  Now all you have to do is identify them.  (I went to Bancroft.)  Think I recognize Birget Palm and Marlene Anderson.

Happy Easter!

Laura (McClain) Kennedy-Bell  

04/05/21 10:05 AM #37    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Hi, Laura!

We've added some names to the Northrup Grade School photo.  Hoping others would recognize more!  Many of these students would eventually graduate from Washburn after attending Ransey Junior High, while others went to Folwell, then Roosevelt.

It's fun to see these young, well-dressed sixth graders!😊


04/12/21 01:43 PM #38    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

To the Class of '59!

During 2021, the majority of us will turn eighty--some already have and some will turn in 2022.  Without overlooking anyone, I would like to ask for those who would like to, please send early 80th birthday greetings to Gail Omvedt, via U.S. Mail, or Facebook.  Gail has lived in India since her graduate school days, working on behalf of the citizens of that country that they might have clean water and be rid of the caste system.  Unfortunately, Gail is experiencing serious health problems, and her husband, Bharat Patankar, would love for people to send her birthday greetings.  I do not have an e-mail address for them, thus the U.S. Post Office, or Facebook, would be the way to reach her.  While her birthday is August 4th, it would be best to send cards or greetings early.  I put a card in the mail today.

Her mailing address is:  Gail Omvedt Patankar, Kasegaon, District Sangali, India 415404.

Birthday Greetings to all of you!  Plan on our "80+/-" Birthday Luncheon on September 10th.

Thanks for all that you do!

Patti Buml Timmons


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