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04/30/13 03:04 PM #1    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Welcome to the Roosevelt Sr High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

03/04/14 02:05 PM #2    

Dorothy Jacobson (Delegard)

Hi, Carolyn.  I hope you receive this, as I never use these formats.  I have been wondering if you were still in Texas and what has happened in your life.  I am still in Minneapolis, retired from work as a social worker/probation officer, and enjoying life filled with friends, grandchiklren and adventures.  Please send me your email address and/or phone number so we can reconnect.  My email is

Dorothy Jacobson Delegard

03/05/14 11:14 AM #3    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)


Am looking forward to this year's reunion.  I think that every five years I appreciate reunions a little more.


Laura (McClain) Kennedy-Bell 

03/05/14 01:28 PM #4    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Hi, Laura!

I am so glad that you will be at the Reunion.  Touching bases with our past is such a delightful experience!

Take care and thanks for your response!

Patti Bluml Timmons


03/10/14 09:34 AM #5    

Lyle Walker

Hi,  Just wantd to let you all know what a wonderfull job Lyle and I think you are doing.  Also to let you know that Le Frondell passed away 8-24-12.  just alked to his wife Kathy and told her lee wasn't on memorial list and she asked if i9 would do it.  Lee and kathy have lived in Az. for over 40 years.they also lost a daughter to cancer 4 years ago.  keep up the good work and see you in Sept., so nice of you to have party on my birthday.


Regards Georgiann ( Connor) Walker


04/08/14 03:00 PM #6    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

For those of you who have teenagers in the family, you may like to know I've just released a new Young Adult novel entitled Double Take.  Acquired by Twin Cities publisher Fire and Ice, it's available in paperback from and on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble as an e-book.

When sixteen-year-old Brooke Bentley's green convertible and cell phone conk out during a tropical rainstorm, she believes it's just bad luck.  But when she darts through the dark to a dilapidated Victorian she thinks is the home of a friend and is invited in by a butler in a faded black tux, Brooke knows it must be karma.  Because how often do you meet a reclusive 1950's movie star who thinks she's actress Terry Moore?  And how often does someone as charming as eighty-year-old Laura de France insist on transforming you into a movie star too?

How can something as simple as a dress control your life?  It can if it's the famous green toga worn by actress Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra and you'll do anything to wear it.

Please give it a peek.  I think you will enjoy Double Take.  Especially those of you who remember the 1953 film Beneath the 12-Mile Reef, starring Robert Wagner and Terry Moore, which I've woven into the plot.


Laura (McClain) Kennedy



04/09/14 10:49 AM #7    

Carlene Rae Fredricksen (Dater)

Contratulations, Laura! I know how hard it is to write and publish a book. I'm the author of 11 published adult novels, two non-fiction books and three novellas. You can find all my work on or at my website:

Carlene Rae Dater (Fredricksen)

04/09/14 06:53 PM #8    

Sharyl Yarwood (Running)


I loved the books you sent me! Now I'm going on Amazon to find the rest of your books. Who knew an old childhood friend would become a published author. Congratulations!



04/10/14 10:24 AM #9    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)


It's wonderful to find another author in our class.  I'm going to look up your books.  Hope you're going to be at the reunion this fall as I'd love to talk. 

Ciao for now,

Laura (McClain) Kennedy Bell 

p.s. In case you look, my novels are under Laura Kennedy.

10/05/15 01:19 AM #10    

Karol Peterson (Carlson)

Hi Pat.  Georgia Cramer Sampson called me this a.m. telling me there is an obit. notice in todays Star Tribune

for Gerry Brown from our class.  He was married to Bonnie McKay Brown, also from our class.  You can find it online.  Hope all is well with you and Mike.  Karol Peterson Carlson

10/19/15 12:08 PM #11    

Lu Ann Nygaard (Fransen)

Is anyone planning a 75th birthday party? I will help plan it!   LuAnn Nygaard Fransen

10/20/15 12:05 PM #12    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Hi, LuAnn! 

Our tentative plans are for a 75th+/- Birthday Luncheon/Mini-Reunion in September 2016.  We have not firmed up a date yet but will try to organize it around the Hall of Fame Dinner and/or the All-Alumnae Golf Outing--both of which are in September.

Love to have you on board!  We will keep you posted as we get closer to confirming our initial planning.

Thanks for your interest!! 

Pattu (Bluml) Timmons

Bellevue, WA




10/20/15 08:45 PM #13    

Lu Ann Nygaard (Fransen)

Hi Patti,

Thanks for the update.  We have to keep celebrating LIFE!  It is fleeting away!.



10/21/15 11:46 AM #14    


Helen Rae Anderson (Hendrickson)

Patti,  I would be happy to help with the 75th birthday party.  Thanks for all your hard work!  

Helen Anderson Hendrickson

10/21/15 11:49 AM #15    


Patti Bluml (Timmons)

Thanks, LuAnn and Helen!

We are looking at the Lost Spur as a possible venue--maybe mid-September.  It would be awesome to have both of you on board!  Will definitely keep you posted when the planning begins!!




10/22/15 12:12 PM #16    


Laura McClain (Kennedy-Bell)

Hope I can be back for this.  My husband and I just bought a summer house in Iowa Falls, Iowa where he's from so I may be close by.  It would be great to see everyone.


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