Sagamore Hill


 20 Sagamore Hill Road, Oyster Bay, NY  11771-1899    (516) 922-4447   


If you are interested in more information, there are many websites which describe Theodore Roosevelt's Summer White House.  Hope you enjoy the article and photos and realize that our yearbook was named after quite a lovely place!      

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I wished a big piazza, very broad at the n.w. corner where we could in rocking chairs look at the sunset; a library with a shallow bay window opening south, the parlor or drawing room occupying all the western end end of the lower floor; as broad a hall as our space would permit; big fireplaces for logs; on the top floor the gun room occupying the western end so that north and west it looked over the Sound and Bay.

                          - Theodore Roosevelt, 1883

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Sagamore Hill : A Brief History

Named after the Indian chief Sagamore Mohannis, Sagamore Hill stands atop Cove Neck on 95 acres of forest, tidal salt marsh, and bay beach; land which was purchased in 1880 for $10,000 down and a 20-year, $20,000 mortgage. Sagamore Hill was designed by the New York architects of Lamb & Rich, and built in 1884-1885 by John A. Wood and Son of Lawrence, Long Island, for $16,975.

The house itself is a sprawling 23 room, two-floored, Victorian styled building, with a massive 30 x 40 grand room known as the North Room where TR kept his trophies, books, paintings, sculptures, library, and dozens of priceless artifacts given to him by foreign dignitaries.

The first floor contains the large center hall, library, dining room, kitchen, and drawing room. The house is surrounded by a spacious raised porch shaded by an unmistakable green awning. The second floor contains the bedrooms, nursery, guest rooms, and a turn of the century water closet with a uniquely large porcelain tub (a luxury in those days).

Theodore Roosevelt describing Sagamore Hill:

The house stands right on top of the hill, separated by fields and belts of woodland from all other houses, and looks out over the bay and the Sound. We see the sun go down beyond long reaches of land and water.

We love all the seasons: the snows and bare woods of winter; the rush of growing things and the blossom-spray of spring; ...the yellow grain, the ripening fruits and tasselled corn, and the deep leafy shades that are heralded by 'the green dance of summer'..... and the sharp fall winds that tear the brilliant banners with which the trees greet the dying year.


Sagamore Hill : Home of Theodore Roosevelt